X400 Overview

  • Improved efficiency, DARAY LED lights cost up to 75% less to run than conventional equivalent halogen lights
  • Low temperature beam making it more comfortable for clinician and patient
  • Smooth, fully enclosed BioProtect head to assist in the management of infection control
  • Increased light intensity 0 - 68,000 lux @ 0.5m
  • 320° head rotation
  • Low maintenance
  • Long lamp life - 50,000 hours
  • Colour temperature of 4,300k
  • DARAY LED lights are more robust than conventional equivalent halogen lights
  • Battery back option available

The DARAY X400 is a premium quality LED examination light for use in all general medical diagnosis and procedures.

The X400 LED examination light has a large diameter light-patch giving excellent illumination and variable intensity for extra functionality along with a redesigned light-head providing increased efficiency. Available in mobile, ceiling and wall mounted versions the X400 will complement any examination room.


BioProtect is an antimicrobial solution coating applied to DARAY's products for infection control. Our core products are medical, dental and veterinary lighting used by specialist staff treating patients.

Infection is the highest risk in patient environments. BioProtect provides excellent protection against illness-causing bacteria such as MRSA, Salmonella, E. coli, Campylobacter and many other bacteria and fungal growths.

X400 Specifications

Light Light Source LED
Light Intensity (Lux) @ 0.5m 120,000 Lux ±5% Upgraded for 2017!
Light Intensity (Lux) @ 0.75m 64,000 Lux ±5% Upgraded for 2017!
Light Intensity (Lux) @ 1.0m 40,000 Lux ±5% Upgraded for 2017!
Light Intensity Adjustment Range 10 - 100%
Colour Temperature (Kelvin) 4,300K ±500
Colour Rendering Index (CRI) 95
Colour Rendering (R9) 88
Light Field Diameter (D50) @ 0.5m: 75mm
@ 0.75m: 100mm
@ 1.0m: 125mm
Light Field Diameter (D10) @ 0.5m: 170mm
@ 0.75m: 200mm
@ 1.0m: 220mm
Number of LED's 7
Power Power Consumption 16W 0.19A
Average Working Life >50,000 Hours
Input Voltage 100 - 240V AC 50/60 Hz
Output Voltage 30V DC 1A
Temperature Rise on Patient/User ≤2°C
Other Warranty Period 5 Years
NHS E-Class Code FBU, FKR
Commodity Code 9018 908400
GMDN Code 12276

X400 Notes

The X400 LED examination light has a large diameter light-patch providing excellent illumination.It boasts single-handed lighting control, on/off and variable intensity, from a single switch, and a smooth, fully-enclosed light-head assists with the management of infection control.

Available as wall, ceiling and mobile versions which include the most versatile spring balanced suspension arms available for effortless repositioning. This model features a strong beam of light with an even intensity across the entire area for clearer viewing and reduced eye strain.

X400 Medical Approvals/Certificates

The product(s) on this datasheet adhere to the following standards in line with the 93/42/EC Medical Devices Directive - Classification: Class 1, Rule 1.

EN ISO 13485:2012
EN ISO 14971:2007
EN ISO 9001:2008
EN 60601-1
EN 606098
EN 60601-1-4
EN 60601-2-41:2009
EN 1041:2008
EN 598-2-25 A

X400 Range

Ceiling Mount

X400 LED Ceiling Mount Examination Light

Mobile Mount

X400 LED Mobile Examination Light

Wall Mount

X400 LED Wall Mount Examination Light

X400 Accessories

Extended Down-tube (2m length for ceiling height 2.9m-3.9m)

Ceiling Mount Cover (for conventional ceilings)

24V Battery Back-Up Power System

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