MAG700 Overview

  • LED technology (80 LED Lamps)
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Robust with long lamp life
  • Slim design
  • 3, 6 and 12 dioptre options
  • 800mm reach
  • Fully enclosed spring balanced arm
  • Various mounting options available
  • Lens cover

The MAG700LED light is a high quality circular magnifying light featuring an LED light source that enhances colour contrasts whilst reducing shadow.

This general-purpose magnifier has steady movement to a reach of 800mm.

With smooth contours and dust cover protect the lens, the MAG700LED magnifying light is perfect for a variety of applications.

About Daray

DARAY products are designed for Medical, Dental and Veterinary markets and currently supply a wide range of equipment to the NHS. DARAY lights are often the first choice in 'new build' hospitals and medical centres throughout the UK.

Established in 1969, the DARAY brand is well-known in the UK and internationally. Our product range includes; operating theatre lights, surgical lights, examination lights, X-ray viewers, head-lights and bed-head lights and we have recently developed a new range of LED lighting products, designed to assist in the reduction of carbon emissions.

MAG700 Specifications

Light Light Source LED Technology (80 Lamps)
Lamp Type 3, 6 or 12 Dioptre
Movement Arm Length 800mm Reach
Power Power Supply 230V ~ 50hz 8W

MAG700 Range

Desk Clamp

MAG700 LED 3-Dioptre Desk Clamp Magnifying Examination Light

MAG700 LED 6-Dioptre Desk Clamp Magnifying Examination Light

MAG700 LED 12-Dioptre Desk Clamp Magnifying Examination Light

Wall Mount

MAG700 LED 3-Dioptre Wall Mount Magnifying Examination Light

MAG700 LED 6-Dioptre Wall Mount Magnifying Examination Light

MAG700 LED 12-Dioptre Wall Mount Magnifying Examination Light

Weighted Mobile Base

MAG700 LED 3-Dioptre Mobile Magnifying Examination Light

MAG700 LED 6-Dioptre Mobile Magnifying Examination Light

MAG700 LED 12-Dioptre Mobile Magnifying Examination Light

MAG700 Downloads

MAG700 Brochures

MAG700 Manuals


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